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Update February 25th 2024

We have moved up on to the Olympic Peninsula at beautiful Fort Flagler State Park.  You can find our renowned kayak tours under the name, Olympic Kayak Tours.  Our new location has even more abundant wildlife, and even stronger bioluminescent plankton.

Our Fort Flagler location is a 2 hours drive from Olympia, or a 1.5 hours drive from Tacoma, with no ferries necessary.  To anyone who wishes to take a tour in the Olympia & Nisqually areas and feels our new location is too far away, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Olympia and Nisqually area community we love and appreciate you all very much.

Kayak Nisqually is for sale!  Kayak Nisqually can be purchased as a whole business including a fleet of 6 expedition tandem sea kayaks, 1 or 2 solo guide sea kayaks, a kayak trailer, and all associated gear such as high quality paddles and spray skirts, lifejackets, and necessary safety gear.  (Potentially more sea kayaks, and also sit on top kayaks, stand up paddleboards, and bikes are also available).  Alternatively just the brand and website of Kayak Nisqually can be purchased, we have excellent SEO, as well as 5 star ratings on all platforms such as Facebook, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews, and even Yelp.  If interested in purchasing Kayak Nisqually, send me an email with a little information about yourself to

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