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Loreto National Marine Park, Feb 28th - Mar 4th 2020

Kayak Nisqually Puget Sound Adventures is pleased to be collaborating with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico to bring our very first international offering.

Starting on February 28th we will set out from Loreto, Baja Sur, Mexico.  With two of our guides and many of the participants hailing from the Pacific Northwest this is a great way to make some new adventure buddies while getting some sun in the dead of winter.


Guides on the trip will include Sam Kaviar of Olympia, WA, founder and owner of Kayak Nisqually, and an expedition sea kayak guide since 2011.  Sam has a background as a wildlife biologist with a special emphasis in animal behavior and evolutionary biology, and is a yoga teacher as well.

Sam will be bringing his expertise on the water, his insights into animal behavior, and offering beach-side yoga to those who are interested.

You can check some of Sam's reviews here, here, and here.

Bringing a unique combination of skills is Neil Schulman of Portland, OR.

Neil is a highly accomplished sea kayaker in his own right and works as a conservationist.  Neil is bringing his expertise as a nature photographer and photography coach.

For those interested Neil will offer tailored photography instruction and coaching particularly around dawn and dusk for those who want to take their adventure photography to the next level.

Ramon grew up beside the San Isidro lagoon in the Sierra la Giganta mountains inland from Loreto. He interned with Sea Kayak Baja Mexico in 2011 while in university, and has become invaluable to us as a man who can do it all: lead trips, fix kayaks, staff the store, drive shuttles, and charm just about anyone. He has his BCU 4-star Sea Leader and UKCC Coach Level 1 certifications.



Ramon has an impish sense of humor and a contagious giggle, and a calm way of noticing everything.

Ramon is developing cultural tours to his hometown, highlighting the rustic way of life. Tortillas are handmade, sugar is boiled from canes and poured into molds that resemble the iconic El Pilon mountain that overlooks the lagoon. Ramon is certified as a guide by the Federal Tourist Board known as SECTUR.

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The Route

We will have a pre-trip meeting the day before we begin in Loreto, MX on Feb 27th

Loreto Islands Nature and Photography includes all the things you love about the Loreto Islands Primer–enjoying being on the islands with kayaks and friends. Explore, relax, refine paddling skills, spend time with family or friends, do yoga, sketch, try out different kayaks, learn about the natural history and cultural history of this fascinating place. We love this route because it offers stunning scenery and amazing wildlife experiences.

Loreto Islands Nature and Photography takes place in the Loreto National Marine Park on Carmen and Danzante Islands. These islands are included in UNESCO’s World Heritage listing of the Islands of the Gulf, which calls this listing the richest and most varied of any island-sea property on the World Heritage list. If you only have a week to explore the World Heritage Islands of the Gulf, this is the most impressive.

NS by Katyla Palladina.jpg

Price of the tour: $1490

PFD (life jacket)
Spray skirt
4-5 dry bags of varying sizes
All kitchenware
Healthy camping meals
Purified drinking water
Poop bags, toilet paper & hand sanitizer
Sand anchors & instruction
Library of field guides
Compasses, charts
Wilderness first aid kit
National Park permits
Transfer to launch and back
Optional photography coaching



MSR Hubba or Hubba Hubba tent


Camp chair

3mm shortie wetsuit

Mask & snorkel

Kokatat hydrator



Sleeping bag

Airport-hotel transfer 

Motorboat support

Meals in town, except as specified 



Lodging in town


GREATLY APPRECIATED:Tip for guide team (10% recommended)

To register and learn more, send an email to Sam at titled "Baja 2020" and he will plug you in.

This tour is for paddlers with strong personal paddling skills and a willing group attitude. Prerequisites include a calm wet exit and assisted deep water re-entry; stamina to paddle strongly for 2 hours at time, and up to 5 hours in a day; and experience paddling in whitecaps. This tour is ideal for building intermediate skills. Please be sure you are ready for this level of learning.


The fleet of kayaks are NDKs, high end solo kayaks, with a few tandems available by request.

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