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Private Lessons

Sam Kaviar has been a sea kayak guide since 2011 with experience in the Nisqually Reach, the San Juan islands, California, and Norway.
This is an opportunity to develop or hone your skills as a sea kayaker so you can have a safe and fun experience.  These lessons are offered in one hour blocks, if you wish to have a longer than 1 hr lesson simply book successive lessons.

On our regular tours we are only able to allow the use of our kayaks, but for a private lesson you can use your own kayak and equipment if you wish.  We also have our own sea kayaks available for the lesson.

You can have a lesson that simply starts from the basics, tackles an element of form and strokes, is more class room based about tides and currents or marine navigation, about kayak re-entries in case of capsize, or the sea kayaker roll.

Please note that at this stage we are unable to offer the use of drysuit or wetsuits, so if you want to do immersion/re-entry training, or rolling you should have your own.

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